Soup of The Week.

We shared a pot of Turkey Vegetable with 12 of our homeless neighbors camped under DuSable Lake Shore Drive.

They’re always so happy to see Tracey bringing soup and candles..

It’s time to make another batch of lavender votives. They go like hot cakes.

Hot Soup

Long time no post. Been a little under the weather but I finally got out another pot of soup, this time, chicken with brown rice and Japanese stir fry vegetables. It was really a big hit. I was slightly surprised. Oh well on to the next soup. Love and take care, All of you.


My wife and I started sharing a pot of soup with the homeless a couple of years ago. We have homeless people camping under the expressway and in the parks around our neighborhood. It’s only gotten worse. So I’d like to step up our little operation. With your help we can serve these people hot soup and a more regular basis especially through these winter months. Below is the link you can use to contribute. Any contribution will be helpful. I hope to thank you for your generosity in the future.

Above all, VOTE!

Thanks for looking in. Be well.